Specialist Paint

Stephen Reeves Auto Crash Repairs provides clients with our specialist car re-spraying service. Using the very latest car paint technology and car paint software, we can match the exact paint shade of your car. This exact match ensures a completely seamless vehicle repair.
Using the latest high-resolution lenses and camera technology, we scan the car’s exterior to get a perfect match.
This means our paint repair service is fast, exact and unnoticeable.

Need the paint on your car repaired? Get in contact with Stephen Reeves Auto Crash Repairs today.

Kitchen Painting

Our specialist paint matching technology has applications outside of vehicles. We have matched the paint colour on kitchen cupboards and carried out full kitchen re-paints.
Our kitchen painting service seamlessly blends new paint with the pre-existing paint on cupboards.
Our team can recommend the appropriate paint and the paint finish to complement the interior of a client’s kitchen.
By combining our state-of-the-art technology with our painting expertise, we complete all kitchen painting jobs to the very highest of professional standards.

Specialist Paint FAQ

  • How do you match the paint in a property?

    We use the same technology as we do on our cars to match the paint on a wall. This allows our Kitchen painting services to exactly match the current colours of your wall, allowing for unparalleled consistency throughout your property.

  • What are the advantage of your specialist paint?

    Our specialist paint offers an unparalleled finish, that’s smooth and consistent. We can also offer a huge amount of different colours, perfect for both vehicles and any property’s kitchen painting requirements.