The importance of hiring a professional crash repair company

In recent years the rate of severe traffic accidents has continued to fall yearly. While there certainly have been spikes and dips, the trend in the last decade has been a significant drop. This is indeed good news. Less serious accidents mean fewer road traffic deaths which translates to much safer roads.

However, while serious accidents have been on a downward trajectory, those mild fender benders still occur regularly. While indeed not dangerous, scrapes and dents can be a significant inconvenience. Some vehicle owners may even want to save money by attempting to fix the dent or repair the paint themselves. As crash experts, we've seen more of these disastrous DIY jobs than we'd care to mention. Trying to fix the exterior of the vehicle yourself almost always makes the damage worse. When trying to paint over scratches, the paint shade will rarely be matched, drawing more attention to the injury. When trying to buff out a dent, often, more marks are created, undermining the overall integrity of the vehicle.
To dissuade half-hearted DIY repair jobs, we will discuss the importance of hiring a professional to handle even minor scratches and dents.


Why you should always hire a mechanic

A vehicle exterior is an example of precession engineering. Even a typical family car has been carefully shaped with wind resistance, style and safety in mind. Therefore damage to this exterior will require the services of an expert. Most garages that focus on crash repair are fitted with specialist equipment designed to integrate repairs with the rest of the vehicles seamlessly. In effect, repairs are entirely invisible. This equipment's results can't be replicated at home with simple tools.


Scratch repairs

On the surface, a small scratch may seem relatively straightforward to fix. However, even a tiny scratch may mean there is damage to the vehicle's exterior. This will need to be carefully smoothed over before being repainted.
But even if it is simply damaging to the actual paintwork, matching the exact paint shade is almost impossible using just the naked eye. At our professional crash repair garage, we use the latest software and mechanical techniques to match the paint.

The above are just some reasons experts should repair even minor car damage. To book a repair in our garage, please call us today.


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